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Check valves are designed for blocking hydraulic fluid flow in one direction and allowing free flow in the reverse direction.

Picture Type Description

check valves with BSP threaded connection


check valves with BSP threaded connection


check valves for metric threaded connection

UZZB check valves for subplate mounting
UZZD valves for cartridge mounting

integrated check valves

WZZC sandwich plate check valves for mounting between the subplate and directional control valves
Z2S double pilot operated (hydraulic lock) sandwich plate check valves for mounting between the subplate and directional control valves
UZSB pilot operated valves for subplate mounting
2UZSBR6 pilot operated double check valves
2UZSBE6 pilot operated double check valves
3UZZE6 3-way shut-off logic valves
UZSG16 pilot operated check valves
2UZSG16 pilot operated double check valves
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