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Flow control valves are designed to affect the speed of actuators by changing the cross-section of the fluid flow. The valves provide variable (stepless) speed control of the actuator.

Flow control valves can be divided into:

  • throttle valves – at the same cross-section of flow, the fluid flow rate changes due to pressure difference at the throttle point
  • flow control regulators – regardless of the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet, at the same cross-section, fluid flow remains unchanged

Picture Type Description
MG throttle valves witch BSP threaded connection
MK throttle/check valves with BSP threaded connection
VRFU throttle/check valves
Z2FS double throttle/check sandwich valves for mounting between the subplate and directional controlvalves
UDDB10 throttle valves for subplate mounting
UDRD6 flow control valves for subplate mounting
2FRM flow control valves for subplate mounting
UDUE 3-way flow controllers
UZUC Compensation valve, sandwich plate
UZFC rectifier sandwich plates
UZFC-NL rectifier sandwich plates, intended for operation in low temperatures
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