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Servo Test Cylinders

Norton Fluid Power have in depth experience of  repairing and improving the performance of hydraulic cylinders used on Servo Test Machines. We have in house capability to inspect, repair and fully test hydraulic cylinders and have worked with major Test Houses and Universities to upgrade their cylinders. Our Service Engineers are available to diagnose faults and remove damaged cylinders for repair at our Birmingham facility.

Servo cylinder

Servo Valves

We partner with Star Hydraulics to repair and supply new servo valves.The valves provide accurate and reliable control, using the Sapphire TechnologyTM to gain a longer term reliability, replacing the steel ball with a sapphire one. 

Hydraulic servo valves require good filtration to ensure long term reliability. Our Service Team can propose the correct filtration for your system and can perform oil analysis to ensure the correct fluid cleanliness is maintained. Hydraulic power unit maintenance, associated with Servo Test Machines, will be required to prevent unexpected breakdowns and costly repairs. Our onsite Service Team have many years experience of maintaining the hydraulics on Servo Test Machines: changing filters, replacing hoses, analysing the oil, replacing servo valves and maintaining other hydraulic components. 



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