Servo Test Services

Servo Test Services

As of April 1st, 2019, Norton Fluid Power are pleased to announce the acquisition of Servocon Systems Ltd. Servocon Systems Ltd. has now begun conducting its practice as Norton Servocon - a division of Norton Hydraulics (Midland) Limited.

Having been formed in 1995, Servocon Systems Ltd has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that enables us to produce high quality materials and fatigue testing solutions that are built with efficiency, precision and fast turnaround times. Our closed loop systems offer precise data acquisition and analysis, as well as load and position control for compression and tensile testing within materials and fatigue testing.

Our unique approach to business offers us the added benefit of being very flexible in our approach, as well as being very customer focused, delivering tailor made solutions.       

Here within the Norton Servocon division, we offer a wide range of cost-effective products and services available across a broad range of industry sectors, allowing us to meet all the needs of the hydraulic industry.


We offer bespoke solutions and services such as:


  • Customised testing machines and systems
  • Strongfloor and multi-actuator systems
  • Hydraulic ringmain, isolation manifolds
  • Linear and rotary hydraulic actuators
  • Servo-controllers: single, dual and four channel
  • Control, data acquisition and analysis software packages for hydraulic power units
  • Maintenance of hydraulic power units
  • Servovalves, new or repaired
  • Annual Service & Calibration Contracts
  • Routine Maintenance & Calibration
  • General purpose software/hardware packages for Damper, Elastomers, Polymer testing


If any of the services we offer below are of interest to you, please let us know at +44 (0) 121 230 8000 or by email 


More information can be found here.


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