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pilot operated valves forĀ subplate mounting type UZSB

Pilot operated check valves for subplate mounting are used in the hydraulic systems when free flow in one direction and automatic closure in the opposite direction are required. There is a possibility of opening in the direction of closure. The valves can be mounted in any desired position together with a subplate. Sealing is achieved by fitting O-rings, which are included with the valve.

SizeFlow (l/min)Pressure (MPa) Catalogue card
6up to 20up to 35 WK 450 184
6 s. 32up to 50up to 35 WK 422 390
10up to 60up to 35 WK 470 400
20up to 200up to 35 WK 450 560
32up to 360up to 35 WK 450 630
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