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6/2 way directional valve type 6/2UREM6 & 6/2URMM6

Mobile 6 way 2 position stackable directional valves type 6/2UREM6 6/2UREM6 6/2UREM6... and 6/2URMM6. 6/2URMM6. 6/2URMM6... are intended for hydraulic systems where movement of consumers (cylinders or hydraulic motors) is controlled by means of one basic directional valve. Shifting of a proper section of valve 6/2UREM6 6/2UREM6 6/2UREM6... results in connecting the consumer to the basic directional valve. The valves are used for in-line mounting in any position.

SizeFlow (l/min)Pressure (MPa) Catalogue card
6up to 50up to 35 WK 421 540
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