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double throttle/check sandwich valves for mounting between the subplate and directional controlvalves

type Z2FS

Throttle/check valve type Z2FS10... is used to control main flow rate (or pilot flow rate) in one direction of flow and to allow free flow in the opposite direction. The valve is applied to vertical stack mounting (sandwich plate) - generally is fitted between a subplate and a directional valve of the same nominal size and in this case is used to limit main flow rate (to control the speed of a receiver movement). 

SizeFlow (l/min)Pressure (MPa) Catalogue card
6up to 60up to 31,5 WK 421 060
10up to 120up to 31,5 WK 450 233
16up to 200up to 31,5 WK 450 235
16 s.4Xup to 250up to 350 WK 423 690
22up to 300up to 31,5 WK 450 237
22 s.4Xup to 360up to 35 WK 423 700
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