Directional control valves

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hydraulically operated, 2- or 3-position directional control valves for subplate mounting type WH

Directional control valves afford possibilities for controlling start, stop and direction of flow of a pressure fluid and thus accordingly start, stop and direction of movement of a user (cylinder or hydraulic motor ). The directional valves may be mounted in hydraulic systems in any desired position together with a subplate. Sealing of mating faces is made by using O-rings which are included with the valve.

SizeFlow (l/min)Pressure (MPa) Catalogue card
6up to 80up to 31,5 WK 421 180
10up to 120up to 31,5 WK 430 700
16up to 240up to 35 WK 499 501
22up to 450up to 35 WK 460 200
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