Directional control valves

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electrically operated by DC or AC current, 2- or 3-position directional control valves for subplate mounting type WE

Directional spool valves type WE… electrically operated are intended for change in direction of fluid flow in a hydraulic system and thus it allows to change direction of movement of a receiver - mostly piston rod of a cylinder or hydraulic motor as well to use functions: on and off. These directional spool valves are used for subplate mounting in any position in a hydraulic system.

SizeFlow (l/min)Pressure (MPa) Catalogue card
5up to 16up to 25 WK 450 187
6 s.12up to 80up to 35 WK 499 502
6 s.32up to 80up to 35 WK 420 970
6 s.32 P (soft shift)up to 80up to 35 WK 430 450
10up to 160up to 35 WK 427 700
10 s.62 P (soft shift)up to 120up to 35 WK 427 900
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