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Servo Actuator Overhaul2021-09-13

As part of our services for the Servo Test Machines we overhaul Servo Actuators.

Servo Actuators have a hard working life, undergoing many cycles at a rapid rate. This can cause excessive seal and piston chrome wear, affecting leakage and causing damage to other components.

Periodically the actuators will need overhauling: replacing seals and checking the chrome on the piston. Sometimes, due to excessive wear, the piston may need rechroming. At Norton Fluid Power, we can extend actuator working lives by installing new specialist seals and changing the type of chrome on the rods.

At the moment we are overhauling a 1000 kN, 300 mm bore actuator that needs new seals and the chrome rod repolishing.

Actuator overhaul is a part of our Servo Test Machine Service offering, which also includes hydraulic system maintenance, filter changes, oil analysis, accumulator precharge checks and accumulator recertification.



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