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Relocation of Test Rigs2022-03-03

Recently we successfully completed the relocation of four test rigs from one UK University to another.

Picking up test rigs and relocating them is not always straight forward. Disconnection from the existing site and transport may be simple enough. However, at the end location, preparations are required to install the hydraulic power supply, electrical supply and wiring for the control system. This ensures a timely and successful move.


Norton Fluid Power have succesfully completed the move of four Civil Engineering test rigs. Our services included:

  • Disconnection and loading onto transport
  • Transportation
  • Unloading at the new University 
  • Installation of new hydraulic pipework, pressure tested and flushed to ISO standards
  • Supply of a new bench to locate the PC towers and controllers
  • Installation of electrical wiring between the actuators and the control system
  • Servicing of the hydraulic power unit
  • Initial rig start up and functional test
  • Calibration of four test rigs

We manged the logistics, the safe movement of heavy loads and the safe and reliable installation of the test rigs. Then finally the proof of a succsesful move; the calibration of the rigs.



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