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Pressure Control Valves2021-04-12

Pressure control valves limit the maximum pressure in a hydraulic system for control or safety purposes.

For large hydraulic system flow rates, subplate mounted or threaded pressure control valves are suitable for  most applications.Screw on cartridges and Cetop sandwich valves have limited flow capacity. Pressure relief valves can have a solenoid operated vent function, useful for low pressure start up of pumps, or be a standard pilot operated valve. Pressure reducing valves are available with flow rates up to 400 l/min and have steady pressure characteristics.

Ponar produce quality hydraulic components that perform and have long term reliability. Norton Fluid Power are proud to represent Ponar, stock their products and provide product support for their valve range. 


For more information on Ponar's range of valves or for applications support please email or call 01212308000.



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