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Ponar Slip in Cartridge Valves2021-04-01

Slip in cartridge valves control the direction, pressure and flow for large flowrate hydraulic systems.

Valve sizes are based on metric dimensions and range from 16 mm to 50 mm. On high flow pumps, slip in catridge valves can provide, pressure relief, unload and check valve functions. Most medium to large hydraulic presses use slip in cartridge valves for powering the raise/lower rams and then filling the main press cylinder. 

Ponar supply a large range of cartridges and cartridge covers, having similar fit, form & functionality characterstics over other manufacturers valves. For example, a DN16 cartridge can replace Bosch Rexroth, Parker and Atos valves. The covers will also fit other manufacturers cartridges. Directional and releif valves can be added to the standard range of valve covers to provide relief and unloading relief valve functions. 

Quality of the components from Ponar are assured and Norton Fluid Power can supply application support for all Ponar products.


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