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Intrinsically Safe Hydraulic Valves2021-03-19

Ponar manufacture a complete range of hydraulic valves with Atex or Gost-R certification

Norton Fluid Power are pleased to offer the Ponar range of Intrinsically Safe hydraulic valves. From simple solenoid operated directional valves to subplate mounted proportional pressure reducing valves, Ponar and Norton's are pleased quote and provide product support.


Ponar developed the valves for mining applications, but they can be also used in Oil & Gas production applications. If we look at the proportional directional control valve, ISAP10, has a Cetop 5 configuration and can handle flows up to 200 l/min. There is a choice of spools available to match valve pressure drop against flow.


If you need Atex rated hydraulic valves and would like to discuss your application, please call us on 0121 2308000 or email -






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