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Flow control valves are designed to affect the speed of actuators by changing the cross-section of the fluid flow. The valves provide variable (stepless) speed control of the actuator.

Flow control valves can be divided into:

  • throttle valves – at the same cross-section of flow, the fluid flow rate changes due to pressure difference at the throttle point
  • flow control regulators – regardless of the pressure difference at the inlet and outlet, at the same cross-section, fluid flow remains unchanged

Picture Type Description
MG throttle valves for inch threaded connection
MK throttle/check valves for inch threaded connection
Z2FS double throttle/check sandwich valves for mounting between the subplate and directional controlvalves
UDRD6 flow control valves for subplate mounting
2FRM flow control valves for subplate mounting
UZFC rectifier sandwich plates
UZFC-NL rectifier sandwich plates, intended for operation in low temperatures
VRFU throttle/check valves
UDDB10 throttle valves for subplate mounting
UDUE 3-way flow controllers
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